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I’m always interested to know what happens once coaching is over with a client. Sometimes I find out when a client tells me they’ve been referred and then I reckon things must have gone well. Most times I don’t know the end result. But what I do know is that the work that I put in and the responsibility that I expect of my client, increases the likelihood of success.

27 Jan, 2010

Why Use Testimonials?

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One of the keys to being a super successful coach is to get great testimonials. Testimonials are like proof. They create certainty in the minds of your prospects that they’ll be able to get similar results. Certainty is good, especially when people feel unsure about whether coaching will or will not work for them. Testimonials [...]

Fellow coaches of the world unite! And I have to say that one observation of this industry is, we do, don’t we? Unite I mean. And where else do fellow professionals so willingly share, support and motivate one another? I’ve been employed in the telecomm, tour operating, recruitment, advertising (and many more) industries since leaving [...]

23 Oct, 2008

Fix The Holes In Your Marketing Funnel

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Is your Marketing Funnel leaking? Entrepreneur, author and business advisor Milana Leshinsky reveals how to identify and fix the holes in your Marketing Funnel. Every coaching business has a Marketing Funnel. The smoother your funnel runs, the more efficient and successful your business is. Here is an example of how your funnel may look: Notice [...]

17 Oct, 2008

What Really Motivates Young People?

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When consultant Cam Marston first warned HR people that the ‘generation gap’ threatened to become a chasm into which good but misguided intentions and company profits could tumble, they said the idea was ‘cute’ but took no action. Guess who’s sorry now? Twelve years have passed since Cam Marston, a consultant who specialises in multigenerational [...]

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