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22 Feb, 2011

The Power of Positive Feedback by Julie Hickton

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The Power of Positive Feedback by Julie Hickton

Have you ever really thought how amazing you feel when you get a compliment or a positive piece of feedback? The other day this personally really had an amazing impact on me. The day started with my son William, who is only 10, saying how good he thought I looked in my new pink dress. Besides feeling fantastic and growing an inch because of his genuine lovely comment, I also thought what an amazing child to notice something like this at his age. Watch out ladies of the future I do feel he has a great natural talent here that will get you falling for him.

Later on in the day, I also received further compliments, from a friend and work colleague, not only around how good they thought I looked, but I also received compliments around my work and how it positively impacted on them.

I felt great then for the rest of the day, it didn’t matter that later on I got some set backs, I felt so great from the earlier comments that I dealt with them seamlessly and still remained positive and upbeat. The feedback had not only made me feel good initially but had filled me with positive energy and an internal smile that pushed me through things with a greater ease than would normally be the case.

So the questions I have for you are: how do you use the positive impact of feedback? When did you last, take the time to pass a compliment to a friend, work colleague, or somebody you manage or even more bizarrely it may sound but your boss? We seem to have lost the time to, take notice of the things that people do, that really help us achieve in our lives. We also under estimate the impact a simple comment can make to that individual and how it will assist them in feeling great and actually achieving more.

Just think what you and your teams could achieve if they felt good through receiving genuine compliments. Put your British reserve to one side, give out some genuine heartfelt compliments today and watch the results.

I feel it only right to add another comment about gracefully receiving positive feedback. Don’t brush it off with the “oh this old thing” or the “oh, it was nothing”. Accept it with the intention it was delivered, accepting that this is a true reflection of you at this moment and enjoying how it makes you feel, thanking the individual for noticing and taking the time to let you know.

Enjoy giving and receiving great feedback – let me know how it goes.

by Julie Hickton

3 Responses to "The Power of Positive Feedback by Julie Hickton"

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February 22nd, 2011 at 5:54 pm


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2 | Sousa Hari

February 26th, 2011 at 2:23 pm


I used to be very defensive about receiving advice, even from good friends. After coaching someone similar, I see it as a compliment, that they care enough to say it means they are genuine friends. Now I thank them for their time, for thinking about and giving me that advice. That means I have received their compliment and they have received mine, a reflected gratitude that will serve us both! Sousa

3 | Viv Leach

February 27th, 2011 at 9:08 am


I agree with Julie that the power of positive feedback is powerful. When we receive praise for work well done or a compliment on how we look or behave then this feedback reinforces our self-esteem, self-confidence and motivation from feeling valued and loved.

As I go about my coaching/training work I come across so much negativity – negative beliefs, emotions and behaviour i.e. lack of positive communication, that is making people’s lives, work and relationships filled with dis-satisfaction. We coaches have much work to do to create positive changes. Apparently the word evil eminates from e-veil ( a veil of cloth that keeps things dark). As coaches we help to remove the veil so that people can feel better about themselves and shine even brighter! When they feel good, we feel good! Keep up the good work Julie!

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