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16 Jul, 2010

The Wizard of Oz…Dorothy and NLP by Deirdre Harding

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Dorothy, an inspirational role model…let us learn from her…

In the book ‘Whispering in the Wind’ [John Grinder and Carmen Bostic St.Clair] the view is propounded that there are no preset beliefs or knowledge that are necessary for NLP to be effective and that the only true measure of NLP is whether or not it actually works.

Although Dorothy in “The Wizard of Oz” had absolutely no knowledge about NLP, her choice of action and the results she achieved demonstrate just how much more fulfilling life can be when the principles of NLP are applied. Her story is an outstanding example of many of the NLP presuppositions in action.

Of all the movies I have seen’ The Wizard of Oz’ is definitely one that stands out from all the rest. From an early age I have loved everything about this movie, the music, the magic the characters, the atmosphere and the overall good feeling. I still feel good simply by thinking about it.

When I was younger I enjoyed the film for all the reasons I have described however nowadays I enjoy it just as much, but in a different way. I now see that there is so much more to the movie than most people would first think.

The ‘Wizard of Oz’ is an inspirational story of vision, optimism, hope, belief and determination. It is a story that we can all learn much from.

Let us look at Dorothy’s story:

Dorothy found herself in a most awe inspiring situation. Her house had been blown away and she found herself in a strange land with no possessions except for her dog. Dorothy had to take responsibility and decide – to let the situation get her down, give up and feel sorry for herself or use the experience as a springboard to do something really amazing. Dorothy chose the latter option: she made the empowering choice to be courageous and to open her mind to all possibilities.

Dorothy met a good witch called Glinda who told her about a wizard who had the power to do many things.  His name was the Wizard of Oz. The good witch told Dorothy that she must follow the yellow brick road if she wanted to see him. Dorothy knew that if she really wanted to change her situation she must do something different from what she had ever done before.  She decided to set herself a clear goal which was to go to see the wizard.

Dorothy’s journey

Dorothy met three very unusual ‘characters ‘on her journey – a tin man who didn’t have a heart, a straw man without a brain and a lion with no courage. They had real issues. They did not feel very happy with the way they were and desperately wanted things to be better.  Dorothy understood their predicament  and had absolute respect for their ‘models’ of the world .They all went on the journey together.

On the way to see the Wizard, Dorothy and her three new friends encountered many obstacles but rather than becoming negative she learnt from the experiences and never ever gave up. Throughout the journey Dorothy proved to be a most inspiring and motivational role model. She  had  absolute clarity and certainty about what it was she wanted and what she visualised as her eventual outcome.  

Dorothy maintained a strong belief in herself and in the Wizard’s ability to help them find a way out of their situation, she firmly believed that the wizard would not let them down.

We must learn from Dorothy

Dorothy had many unique  resources already within her which came to the fore as a result of the situation in which she found herself She proved herself to an amazing communicator and understood that  everyone has a different ‘ map ‘of the world.  Dorothy was wonderful and wise, optimistic and open minded and had a zest for living. She also had a positive wizard to believe in and who gave her reassurance.

Dorothy is a true example of someone who knew exactly what her outcomes were, why she wanted to achieve them and who made empowering decisions to do whatever it took to achieve them. Dorothy had a positive attitude which gave her three companions the hope to carry on in their quest to find the Wizard She was entirely opened minded and flexible about everything she experienced.

Let us learn from the power of a Positive Wizard

 In the film ”The Wizard  of Oz” the wizard turned out to be just an ordinary person but  Dorothy , the lion  with no courage, the scarecrow  with no brains and the tin man  with no heart totally believed that he  could give them whatever they wanted . In reality the wizard simply empowered them to believe in themselves, find their inner strengths and do the best they possible could.                                                                                                                                                

Empowering lessons to be learnt

We must become aware of the amazing power of belief and the importance of having a positive wizard to inspire and empower our lives.

 Just like Dorothy, think of yourself as going on a journey the most amazing journey imaginable, the journey of your life, the journey that is your life. 

Remember that it is not what happens to you that matters but how you evaluate what happens to you, the decisions that you take and the choices that you make. Take a leaf from Dorothy and make positive and empowering choices which will enable you to obtain the outcome that you desire in every area of your life.

2 Responses to "The Wizard of Oz…Dorothy and NLP by Deirdre Harding"

1 | Samuel Naples

July 17th, 2010 at 2:30 pm


I’m off to Orlando for Trainers Training with Dr. Bandler … people all over face book have been singing ….
“We’re off to see the Richard, the wonderful Richard of Ahhhhhhhhhhh’s”
Just thought I’d share.

2 | Sarah Fraser

July 19th, 2010 at 4:36 pm


Lovely analogy! And if Dorothy had been an NLP Master Practitioner maybe she would have given the Lion a Fast Phobia Cure, the Scarecrow a Circle of Excellence and the Tin Man a Core Transformation :-)

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