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13 Feb, 2009

Tina Dulieu – Success Stories

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Tina DulieuIn the summer of 2006 I met an ex-colleague who told me that he had taken a coaching course and was thinking of setting up his own coaching business.  His enthusiasm interested me, so I investigated and came across The Coaching Academy website where I registered for the free two-day Certificate in Personal Coaching in July 2006.

Originally I was a Maths teacher and lecturer but at the time I was running my own franchised business ‘The Ongar Kumon Study Centre’ which is an after-school Maths and English programme for students of all ages and abilities.  I had grown the centre from 2 students to 120 in a small village and employed 8 staff.  Kumon had filmed my centre as a ‘model centre’ and used it in their training films and my success was featured in their sales brochure.  Over the years I had also been asked to speak at three nationwide Kumon conferences, represented Kumon in South Africa and was nominated locally for the Epping Forest Business Woman of the Year in 1997 and 2002.

However, by 2006 I had been running my business for over 10 years, had achieved all my own goals that I’d set for myself and needed a new challenge.  There were other factors: running the Centre was hard work with weekly deadlines (students had individual work for every day of the year), my own eldest child was going off to University and my father was ill.  I needed space and a new direction without the pressure, so I decided to sell on my business and my last class was Christmas 2006 – a very emotional occasion.

While I enjoyed the Certificate in Personal Coaching course, I felt at that time that it wasn’t for me, although the Corporate & Executive Coaching Diploma did ignite my interest.  While the sale of my business was going through I received a letter from the Coaching Academy inviting me to apply for one of the available 60% scholarships to study for the Corporate and Executive Coaching Diploma.  I thought ‘why not?’ and I applied providing the references required and was delighted to be offered a place.

During the training I found that I really enjoyed the content and found that I had a natural ability to do well at it.  My teaching experience and business experience all stood me in good stead as I had been ‘coaching’ people to reach their potential all my working life in one way or another.

As my training progressed I signed up to the very first Coaching Academy Licenced Trainer course, which was a significant investment on my part.  This was run by Jonathan Jay at the time and was a very inspiring, motivating but scary residential three days as it delved into areas that I hadn’t ventured before, particularly in terms of large-scale marketing.  It was following this course that I formed my company ‘Coaching Dynamics’ specialising in Business and Executive Coaching and my initial website was built as part of the package.  I went full-steam ahead with the ideas promoted during the training to promote, market and run many Workshops using the excellent Powerpoint presentation that we were all given and trained to use.  However, after running a couple of Workshops on a general scale, I decided that this wasn’t the way forward for me personally and needed to re-evaluate the direction of my business.

There was no doubt that I had climbed a very steep learning curve and had benefitted enormously from the Licenced Training as well as the Corporate and Executive Coaching Training.  I really enjoyed presenting the Workshops and so wanted to find a way to incorporate them into my business in a different way.  The title ‘Coaching Academy Licenced Trainer’ definitely added to my credibility and I added it to my website and business cards.

I decided that I wanted to work with business owners, directors, and senior management of companies and formed a niche coaching business offering:  Business Coaching, Executive Coaching, Management Team Coaching and Workshops for individual companies.  The Workshops I offered were based largely on the powerpoint presentation from the Licenced Training but I also added bespoke parts according to the company after consultation with them, such as ‘Time Management’ and ‘Delegation Skills’.  This was much more ‘me’ and I have been very successful doing this.

I joined several networking groups in both Essex and London and almost all of my business has come from there by promoting myself, my services, my experience of running my own business and my professional coaching training, including being a Coaching Academy Licenced Trainer, which boosted my confidence in my product.  My clients range from small business owners to the CEO of a nationwide company, professional people such as lawyers and many more in between.  One client, a senior partner of a firm of accountants, commissioned me to run a one-day workshop for her management team followed by Management Team Coaching programmes for three departments plus her own personal Business Coaching programme.

One of my personal goals was to earn double what I was earning through my previous business by putting in half the hours and I am certainly well on the way to achieving that.  My coaching business gives me enormous pleasure, stretches me intellectually as I work with so many interesting businesses and people, and I am not working anywhere near as long hours as I was before.   I know that there are all sorts of ways that this business could grow and develop but presently I am very happy for it to provide me with a decent income so that I can enjoy my private time without worrying about work – ah, bliss!


Tina Dulieu, B.Ed
Coaching Dynamics
Business & Executive Coaching
Tel: 01277 362948

 Coaching Dynamics
“Challenging You To Be Successful!”

2 Responses to "Tina Dulieu – Success Stories"

1 | Julie Blunt

February 16th, 2009 at 9:43 pm


Hi Tina,

It’s so inspiring to read your story, having been with you on the Licensed Trainer Programme. You’ve certainly put the learning into practice and you’re now reaping the rewards.

Well done and here’s to further success in the future.


2 | Philomena Ovenden

February 18th, 2009 at 11:40 am


Hi Tina – what an amazing and inspiring lady you are. Having known you for many years both personally and professionally I am proud to be part of your network of friends/colleagues. As you know I am soon to attend the certificate course at the Coaching Academy which I believe will complement my work as a counselling practitioner. I look forward to sharing my experience of the two days training with you.

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