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12 Jun, 2012

Top Tips For A Supercharged And More Positive You

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Top Tips For A Supercharged And More Positive You

Our state, the way in which we show in our interactions and movements, has an extraordinary influence on the course of our lives. Whether in work, politics or any other field, your state of mind has a very strong influence on your results and general feeling of happiness.

Here are 3 super tips on how to make your mood significantly more positive and motivated.

Tip 1: Sportive Activity

One method to supercharge your energy level is to do some sports. Aerobic or even anaerobic (weight workout) improves your blood flow and consequences in a higher level of endorphins in your body, which will make you feel good at a chemical level.

Weight workout may also help you boost your testosterone levels (for the male readers), which is helpful for your general health and energy level. Even 10 minutes of activity every morning could do wonders to your confidence level and happiness in life.

It also provides health benefits such as boosting your metabolic rate, which can in turn burn more calories and assist weight loss.

Tip 2: Re-living Positive Past Scenarios

Start by visualising positive past scenarios that happened to you, memories in which you experienced happiness and felt very powerful.

It could be an event you attended that you really enjoyed, or the time you first met your love. Close your eyes and imagine those memories for 20 minutes. Focus on the smallest details, the more detail you visualise, the stronger the effect.

By focussing on these positive memories, you will discover yourself shifting into the good mood that surrounded you in that event or at that time of your life. This is a very effective tip you are able to practice whenever you are down and I’m sure it will surely explode your state and happiness levels.

Recent studies prove that men and women who experimented with this ritual every morning felt considerably better about themselves and their level of cheerfulness improved. I recommend you try this technique first thing in the morning, for 20 minutes a day.

I’m sure you will be able to witness the influence very quickly.

Tip 3: Confront Your Fears

he easiest method to confronting your fears is to face them head on. I have used the following exercise before – go and talk to 5 strangers of the opposite sex and ask for their phone number.

It doesn’t even matter if you get them or not, the goal here is confronting the fear of talking to strangers or the opposite sex and stepping out of your comfort zone. This is a simple and non-threatening method of facing fears that can actually function and assist you to gain self-confidence.

Hopefully these tips will go some way to changing your energy into a positive one. Make sure you test them and hopefully you will start to feel stronger and happier.

Michael Williams

1 Response to "Top Tips For A Supercharged And More Positive You"

1 | Lynne

July 5th, 2012 at 5:46 am


I really agree on everything you said here. Just read an article that exercise gives so much benefits to our mind and body. Facing our fears is the most important of all. It will free us from darkness and give us a positive disposition in life.

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