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07 Sep, 2011

Trainer In The Spotlight – Brian Mayne

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Trainer In The Spotlight - Brian Mayne

We have put Brian Mayne in the spotlight for a quick fire round of questions! Brian currently works with The Coaching Academy on the CPD Programme delivering a CPD day on Goal Mapping.

We asked Brian what his favourite self development book is. His response being “The Tao of Pooh” by Benjamin Hoff.

Brian has travelled a path that has led from gypsy origins to the amusements industry and through to corporate training, education and the world of personal development.

His core message of personal leadership through the practice of self-response ability and purpose-led motivation has proven as effective and popular with the corporate world as it has with educationalists and the crowds to experience his public presentations. He empowers his audiences with the very latest ‘human development’ technologies.

When asking Brian what is the most unusual thing he has ever done his response was to build a teepee in the woods to live in isolation for a time. Probably something that you didn’t know about Brian!

So this moved us onto ask what his definition of success is, which he was able to state, happiness, peace of mind and an experience of abundance.

We picked Brian’s brains to find out what question he often finds elicits a breakthrough moment.

“What one great thing would you dare to dream if you know you were guaranteed to succeed?” I can see the wistful looks on all the readers faces as they dare to dream right now!

What would you say to those embarking on their coaching journey?

Live your own teaching everyday.

Brian what is it that you love most about coaching and training people to be coaches?

Giving the gift of a little lift.

What a lovely way to end the interview.

Brian Mayne

1 Response to "Trainer In The Spotlight – Brian Mayne"

1 | Anita Mattu

September 8th, 2011 at 5:51 pm


Always a Pleasure to be in connection with you Brian, You Inspire me.

Thank you Anita Mattu.

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