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17 Aug, 2010

Trainer In The Spotlight: Dawn Harvey

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Dawn Harvey, The Coaching Academy trainer is part of the Small Business Coaching Tutor team and we’ve put her on the coaching hotseat to answer your questions:-

1. My favourite coaching question is…

There are so many great questions.  I don’t have an absolute favourite.  One that I like a lot, that’s useful in giving an instant sense of perspective is, “In the bigger scheme of things, how important is this to you?”

2. The question that often elicits a breakthrough or ‘aha’ moment is…

There are two that spring to mind here: a) “What are you assuming here?” and b) “Where are you limiting yourself?”

For example , I was working with the owner of a very small business who had, had good success with a very small market and was now looking to expand to a larger more financially lucrative market with the product.

D.H. “Let’s brainstorm the different market options open to you.”
A.B. “I’m feeling so stuck with this, I don’t think I can.”
D.H. “What does ‘stuck’ feel like to you?”
A.B. “It’s like I’m stamping on my brakes really hard.”
D.H.As you stamp on your brakes, what are some of the assumptions you’re making about your options?”
A.B. “People won’t see this as important.  People won’t pay for it. It will cost more than people can afford. I’m assuming people don’t have the money for this.”
D.H. “Let me check I understand what you are saying here.  You are assuming that… Is that correct?”
A.B. “Yes, but when you say it like that I can see I’m making lots of assumptions with no evidence to back it up.”
D.H. “So what does that tell you.”
A.B. “That I’m putting up my own barriers.”
D.H. “So where are you limiting yourself?”
A.B. “By not believing in the value of what I offer. But more than that I’m limiting myself by not really believing I can do this.”

This was the “aha” moment that released the brakes in this session.  Once the limiting beliefs were dealt with A.B. went on the brainstorm new markets and decided on two to pursue further.

3. What advice would you give for dealing with a challenging coaching situation?

I work with many ‘action orientated’ people who often want results fast.  This can lead to them wanted answers from me rather than doing the work to find their own answers.  If this potential problem has not been addressed in the initial intake or relationship design session it can lead to a breakdown in the relationship.
I prevent this happening by always making sure this is addressed head on and upfront with a new client.  If my potential client is not happy with my non-directive approach than I may not be the right coach for them.

4. What is your top selling business tip?

My top business building tip is:

  • It’s crucial to continue to market your services when you ARE busy.
  • If you want to attract more clients, I recommend
  • Get yourself out there!  Attend networking events, write pieces for your local paper.
  • Talk to everyone about what you do – you never know who they know.
  • Make a list of dream clients and tell people that you are looking for introductions to these people – again, you don’t know who knows who.
  • Don’t be afraid to pick the phone up and call people.
  • My best advice for marketing your coaching business is
  • Ask for testimonials and make sure potential clients see them.

5. People probably don’t know that I…

Have written a novel.

6. My favourite self-development book is:

Eckhart Toll – “The Power of Now” because it happens to be my current read and although it’s a little ‘out there’ in places it resonates with something deep inside me.  It’s about being fully present in the moment.  The less you strive for fulfilment, the more fulfilment will find you. The best coaching book I have ever read is Myles Downey ‘Effective Coaching’ because it’s one of the first coaching books I ever read and it got me hooked.

7. The most inspiring speaker I have ever heard is:

Oprah Winfrey – because she has overcome many obstacles in her life to be the success she is but mainly because she walks her talk.

8. If I was alone on a desert island, I would need to have (three luxuries that don’t include family members, pets or friends) with me:

  • A very large book
  • Sunscreen
  • Shampoo

9. My favourite place in the world is…

On top of a hill in the middle of nowhere on a bright, breezy day because when I’m out walking in the fresh air I feel totally recharged and energised.

10. The most unusual thing I have ever done is…

Not necessarily unusual but certainly rather embarrassing – a ran 5k for charity with my underwear on top of my clothes.

11. My definition of success is:

Freedom to make my own choices.

12. The thing I most love about coaching is…

The coaching process is incredibly empowering and I love the portability and adaptability of it. A coaching intervention that makes a huge difference can take place very informally as part of a conversation and the skills to do this are transferable to all aspects of business, work and life.

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