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07 Oct, 2008

Who You Think, You Are – Brian Mayne

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The other evening I watched a popular TV show called ‘Who do you think you are’ where celebrities are helped to trace their family roots and discover their ancestry. While watching I couldn’t help but think that it would actually be more accurate, and perhaps make a great TV show, to say; ‘who you think you are’.

More than heritage, genetic influence or family upbringing, it is our thoughts about ourselves that make us who we are. Our thoughts trigger the release of chemicals in our brain that create our feelings. Think about something happy and you start to feel happy. Think about something sad and you start to feel sad. In turn our feelings influence our attitudes, actions, and them the results they create trigger yet more thoughts.

Our entire lives are a continuous cycle of thoughts, feelings and actions that make and shape our world.

What is unique about humans is that we are born with the ability to choose our thoughts, and thereby our feelings, which in turn allow us to influence our attitudes and live the life of our dreams. No other creature in the kingdom has the same power to choose in the way that we can. By choosing to focus and what is right, with our self, another, or the world, we find the energy and heart to improve what’s not. But if we become fixed on what is wrong we send our self into a downward spiral of negative thinking, feeling and behaviour which only produces more things to feel bad about.

Knowing there is a choice is wisdom. Learning how to make, and hold onto our positive choices, is mastery.

Life Mapping is a fantastic coaching tool that helps people build their empowering beliefs, raise their self-esteem and be at their best. Using a combination of ancient wisdom and cutting-edge scientific discoveries Life Mapping guides the person to identify the qualities of character they aspire to. These are stated in both words and imagery to create a Life Map which activates the whole of the person’s brain creating a powerful command to their subconscious about who they choose to be.

Download the FREE Life Mapping Templates to create your very own Life Map and empower yourself to feel your grandest feelings, take your grandest actions, and live your grandest life.

Life Mapping (Vermillion) by Brian and Sangeeta Mayne is available from and all good book shops. It will take you through the fundamental principles of creating a healthy, happy life before working with you to create your individual Life Map with techniques and exercises along the way to supercharge the effects and invite success into your life.

Read an Extract from this Book

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