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16 Oct, 2012

Youth Coaching In Action

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Youth Coaching In Action

Youth coaching can make a fantastic and lasting difference to the lives of young people. Here, one of our Youth Coaches shares their experience of working with young clients to bring about self-change, growth and confidence.

The commitment from young people is huge, particularly for many who find attending school a challenge. Each time I’m in contact with the young people I coach, or when I attend the regular youth clubs and sessions, I leave knowing that I have made a difference. Whilst the focus is never on the events that brought them to coaching it is sometimes difficult for the young people I deal with to hold back on their need to tell stories (typically 15 to 18 year olds). Knowing the kind of challenges that they have faced makes their journey even more inspiring which is exactly why I went in to Youth Coaching.

The reasons why I feel youth coaching is so powerful are:

Listening to be heard

The impact of being heard can be profound. For the young people, their experience is more likely to be one likely being talked at rather than being listened to.

As a youth impact coach, my role is to actively listen; to engage verbally with the young people in order that they can create a new ‘conversation’; one that serves to help them move forward to achieve their goals.

My experience proves that by having someone truly listen they are able to develop more constructive relationships with others and themselves.

Experience the power of ‘belonging’

I set out to create a ‘community’ within youth projects that the participants can identify with and feel they belong to. Through the creation of the safe environment, they can explore the concepts of choice, possibility, responsibility and commitment.

The lessons learnt can be applied to other situations outside of the project.

Creating group action that leads to personal change

Change can often be a lonely pursuit, particularly when it is perceived to be so difficult. By working together in a group, change can feel less intimidating and results more rewarding.

Not only do the young people support each other in learning new skills, but they are inspired by each other’s successes, driving them to achieve more.

These group achievements can also be a catalyst for personal change.

Developing self-belief

Through an understanding of the ‘conversations’ that they have with themselves and their impact, the young people are able to develop a new self-belief. One that leads to the achievement of what they want from both the project and their lives.

As the months go by, there is no doubt that the young people on the project start to change. They show more confidence, and accept greater responsibility for their actions.

They are taking the small steps that are necessary to achieve their own goals.

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3 Responses to "Youth Coaching In Action"

1 | natalie Lee

October 17th, 2012 at 10:02 pm


This is great and I’d really like to know who wrote it. I am keen to find some kind of youth coaching for my step-son so would like to know who is involved in this kind of coaching.

2 | Ify Osineme

October 23rd, 2012 at 10:00 am


As an aspiring Youth Impact Coach, I am inspired and encouraged by your enthusiasm and your achievements.

Irrespective of the opportunity that technology brings, and the freedoms we insist we give the youth, the fact is that adults rarely do ‘listen’. Our Youth feel that we hear them, but that we believe that all they say is “Noise”. Society’s action or inaction proves that we do not actually listen to the meaning behind the words and the actions of our kids.

In my part of the world, we still live with the belief that good children should be seen and not heard, and so it is very difficult for adults to re-script our brains and let our kids have a voice.

I hope to inspire my kids to speak up and be heard, to believe in themselves and to make a difference.

Thanks for the article

3 | Harry Singha

November 5th, 2012 at 11:13 am


Great shout

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